Hey hey!

My name is Rhianna, better known as Rhien. I'm an independent digital artist who loves drawing cute girls and dreamy paintings.

My journey started in my childhood, as my family noticed that I liked to draw and, according to them, was quite good at it (parents, they are always like this 😄). So my hobby has been embraced, and I went to some art courses for preschoolers. After, it went almost without saying, I joined art courses in elementary school with further enrolling in the art secondary school. In high school, I joined art university courses for people wanting to enroll. My fate was decided on the architecture faculty, as my drawing style impressed teachers there (it was messy and rough, the complete opposite of what I learned after 😆). That's where I stopped painting. We weren't even allowed to put drawings in color for the reviews and scores 😥

And so years passed: I moved a lot and worked as a photographer until the pandemic started. I haven't had enough space to do the traditional art as I did before, so I decided to give digital a go, as my hands were itching to use the time to paint again! And OMG, it was hard, non-intuitive, nothing I was used to 😱 Well, I'm pretty sure my drawing skills also went downhill after all these years 🫣

So it took me a whole year of constant drawing and experimenting to learn this new program. And you know what, I fell deeply in love with digital art! I still have much to learn and bring many ideas to life, so join me on my journey! ☺️

P.S. I also have to say a big thanks to all the people who supported and encouraged me to create. I would never think that this could be possible with social media platforms! But even the challenges from fellow artists gave me such an inspirational kick I never thought I needed 😄 Thank you, guys, again and again! ❤️🤗